Why API?

Why API?

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Independent business owners are the back-bone of the U. S. national economy and the foundation of many local towns and communities.

Today’s Business Owners appreciate the individual personal service provided by the independent agents representing API.  These agents have been carefully chosen by API as they provide the best in professional advice and service to their clients in a manner of convenience to each client.  Some Business Owners think this kind of service and convenience is more expensive — Not True!

Your business is truly one of a kind; shouldn’t you have business insurance coverage to fit your needs?

API and its independent agents believe that each business is as unique as its owner(s) and should have an insurance program custom-designed specifically for their business and its individual, specific coverage needs.  API is built to address this critical insurance requirement.

Our Agents provide professional insurance advice at insurance prices equal to or better than the online Website sellers, where a one-size-fits-all approach to customers is their only means to provide you with an insurance quotation.  Does your current agent or Website seller understand your business well enough to properly insure it?  API’s agents have served most of their clients for more than 15 years, a true “customer reference” for Business Owners considering an API independent agent for their insurance business.

How can API be a better insurer for my business than the large national insurers?

API’s CPP policy is fully customizable to suit the insurance coverage needs of your business’ specific operations and, in most cases, at a lower annual policy premium than your current coverage.

Our company is small enough to value and know each of our policyholders while being large enough to offer coverage for properties of up to $100 million in Commercial Property insurable values per insured location and Commercial Liability coverage of up to $15 million for each and every loss occurrence.

And, our premiums are lower in most cases. How? API uses the most modern “cloud-based” information technology available to the insurance industry today, not the huge mainframe “dinosaurs” of the past.  The resulting reduction of API’s operating expenses is significant and those savings are a big reason that API brings a new and fresh approach to Business Owners with top quality coverage at attractive premium prices!